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Laraine da Silva

Laraine represents companies against which legal action is being taken. She also represents clients with company law disputes. This involves, for example, fraud, money laundering, financial issues, taxes (Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service), and environmental offenses.


Laraine graduated in criminal law and company law. She then specialised in company criminal law.

Memberships and ancillary positions

  • Member of the Dutch Association for Young Criminal Lawyers (NVJSA, Nederlandse Vereniging Jonge Strafrecht Advocaten)

About Laraine

Because Laraine graduated in both criminal law and company law, she is able to expertly represent entrepreneurs who come into contact with the criminal justice system, always keeping the interests of the entrepreneur in mind. Due in part to her past in sport at top level, she has a winner's mentality. She aims for nothing but the best results.

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