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Marja van der Woerdt

Before Marja began work as a lawyer at Hoens & Souren, she worked as a contract and project administrator for various IT companies for 27 years. As a result, she has a practice-oriented method of working and has a great affinity for contracts, business processes, and business administration. Do you have a question about or a problem with a contract, or is your counterparty refusing to meet its obligations? Feel free to call for information about the possibilities.

Marja is also willing to provide advice about – or draw up – general terms and conditions. As a lawyer, she has 10 years of experience with insolvencies. Are you worried about your own bankruptcy, are you facing the bankruptcy of a debtor, or are you dealing with a trustee in bankruptcy? Feel free to contact Marja.

Marja is also a mediator listed in the MfN register. She sees mediation not only as alternative manner for solving problems but, in some situations, even as the only correct method for both parties to arrive at the best solution. Especially when the parties will still be dealing with one another later, such as business partners. Mediation is a win-win situation. After all, you yourself are discussing possible solutions with the other party. On top of all this, you are preventing long-term procedures, high costs, and an uncertain outcome.


Marja completed her studies in Dutch Law at the Open University in 2011. She then followed various courses in the areas of insolvency law and company law. She is taking a specialist course, Expert in Financial Forensics, at the Erasmus University to further develop her expertise in liability issues. In 2011, Marja followed the course for mediator and, since then, she has been listed as a registered mediator in the MfN register.

Memberships and ancillary positions

  • Member of the Mediator's Federation of the Netherlands (MfN, Mediatorsfederatie Nederland), Mediator of Intermediary Activities & Mediation

About Marja

Marja has a practical manner of working and is goal-oriented. If she has accepted an assignment, she 'sinks her teeth' into it. She is also experienced as a mediator – experience that she also applies for the benefit of her clients.

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