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Labour law

How can we help you?

The lawyers at Hoens & Souren can help you if you are dealing with, for example:

  • A new employee
  • (Statutory) director
  • A reorganisation or dismissal
  • An inadequately performing employee
  • A labour conflict
  • A sick employee
  • A company acquisition

A number of examples of what we can do for you in this area:

  • Reorganisations and dismissal proceedings with the employee insurance agency (UWV) and the subdistrict court
  • Negotiations on termination agreements
  • A practical plan of approach for inadequately performing employees, aimed at improvement or, ultimately, dismissal
  • Proactive guidance in the reintegration of your sick employee
  • Guidance in the dismissal of a (statutory) director
  • Drawing up (flexible) employment agreements and corresponding regulations
  • (Advising on) drawing up and amending the employment agreement or management agreement with a (statutory) director
  • Improving your HR policy
  • Acting as a helpdesk for the HR employee

We also advise with company acquisitions, which includes:

  • the consequences of the company acquisition for the staff
  • drawing up management agreements with the directors
  • identifying risks in the employee area and the role of the works council in this

Why Hoens & Souren?

Hoens & Souren has a great deal of experience in all of these areas. Think, for example, of reorganisations and dismissal procedures with the employee insurance agency (UWV) and the subdistrict court. Negotiations on termination agreements are also part of our daily practice.

Our expert, committed and practical approach enables us to resolve employment conflicts quickly and effectively and, if necessary, we can litigate.

Whether you are looking for a helpdesk, require advice available in the background or intense guidance on all of your staff matters, we can provide tailor-made advice.

Clients see us as enthusiastic and feel they are taken seriously. In addition to our experience and legal expertise, our approach can be characterised as refreshing (no old-school lawyers), with short response times, clear language, and a proper estimate in advance.

Examples of what we have achieved for our clients