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Nickey van Collem

In 2015, Nickey did a student internship at Hoens & Souren Advocaten. During her internship, Nickey was frequently involved in the settlement of bankruptcies, providing support by drafting a bid book and NDAs among other things, and she drafted procedural documents independently. After her studies, she returned to Hoens & Souren Advocaten as a lawyer on 1 September 2019.


Nickey graduated from the master’s programme in Civil Law at Leiden University in December 2018. She wrote her thesis in the context of tenancy law and contract law, titled: “De dwingende bepalingen van het huurrecht buiten spel? Over de strijd tussen onverenigbare bepalingen in de gemengde zorg- en huurovereenkomst” (The mandatory provisions of tenancy law sidelined? About the battle between incompatible provisions in the mixed healthcare and tenancy agreement). For her thesis, she studied the literature and case law to answer the question: ‘When can (semi-)mandatory rental terms in the mixed agreement, consisting of healthcare and tenancy elements, be sidelined?’ After obtaining her master’s degree, she spent a semester at the University of Helsinki in spring 2019, where she took various courses in European law.

Nickey completed both the bachelor’s programme in Law with Business Studies and the bachelor’s programme in Notarial Law at Leiden University. During her studies, she was chairperson of various committees within her study association. She also worked for the university as a student assistant to the career coach and was the tutor of first-year law students.

About Nickey

Nickey also advises clients on commercial contracts and tenancy agreements and is involved in the settlement of bankruptcies. As a lawyer, Nickey is inquisitive, enterprising and decisive. Partly thanks to her experience in the position of Team Leader at an XL supermarket, she is used to getting things done and cutting knots, while at the same time taking all the client’s interests into account. Nickey furthermore has a great sense of responsibility and likes to maintain an overview.

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