Negotiation and contracts

How can we help you?

Entrepreneurs have to deal with various contracts and general terms and conditions, including supply agreements or collaboration agreements, such as agency agreements or distribution agreements and joint venture agreements. The shareholders’ agreement may also play an important role in your own business.

Drawing up clear agreements with the correct provisions is crucial for your business.

If you are dealing with things such as:

  • entering into agreements
  • formulating practical arrangements
  • strong negotiation parties
  • unequal interests

Our lawyers can help you with effective negotiation techniques and advice on contracts.
Examples of what we have achieved for our clients

Examples of what we have achieved for our clients

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Business partners fall out over the division of the company

Two car dealers fell out with each other. Having decided to split up the business, they were unable to agree on the final division of the business assets. Read on.

Successful negotiations after a false start

Before our office was called in, the trust between parties negotiating the takeover of shares became seriously damaged. Our assignment: save this takeover. Read on.

Why Hoens & Souren?

Hoens & Souren is the number one specialist in contract law and, partly due to our years of experience, we are excellent negotiators. We can advise you throughout the entire process: from the creation of commercial contracts and the drawing up or assessing up to any termination, including conducting  legal proceedings, should that be necessary.

Although we always strive to apply Dutch law, in negotiations with foreign parties, ‘neutral’ grounds are often preferred. In that case, we give advice on the different trade treaties to which the Netherlands is a party.

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