Our expertise

Why Hoens & Souren?

Our lawyers act on the basis of the following core values: added value and craftsmanship. The client’s interest is always our primary objective. Simply working on a case is not enough: our commitment must always result in a positive outcome for the client. Our lawyers are trained not only as specialised legal experts in the area of company law, but also in practical skills such as negotiation, understanding annual accounts and administration, and – of course – litigation. We prefer short lines, fast, effective communication, and proper accessibility.

Business law

Shareholder disputes
Position director
Quarantees / bank
Inquiry proceedings
Conflicts with financial institutions
Articles of association

Acquisitions and contracts

General terms and conditions
Continuing performance contracts
Shareholder agreements
Share purcharse
Business succession

Insolvency law

Directors’ liability
Bankruptcy requests
Defence in bankruptcy
Bankruptcy or dessolving company Restructuring
Right of retention

Labour law

Suspension/dismissal (statutory) director
Transfer of an undertaking
Reorganisations and dismissal proceedings
Management agreements
Settlement agreements
Employee and bankruptcy