Often, the ambitions and activities of entrepreneurs are not limited to our national borders. Whether it involves clients, suppliers or partners who operate internationally, you often have to deal with other legal regulations, cultures, and languages.

Hoens & Souren has a strong international focus and a great deal of experience in advising and taking action abroad. Our lawyers speak English, French and/or German, and are frequently active in cross-border projects.


International Practice Group

Hoens & Souren is an active member of the International Practice Group (IPG),  an international partnership of more than 100 independent lawyers, auditors, and financial advisers.

Our active involvement in the IPG makes an extensive international network of specialists available to us, allowing us to provide you with fast and effective service concerning matters with international aspects, on site as well. In this way, you are always assured of a streamlined approach to all international legal aspects relevant for you.

More information

More information about the IPG can be found at

Would you like to know more about the advantages of this network and what Hoens & Souren can mean for you internationally? Contact your contact person at Hoens & Souren or Pierre van Voorst.