Speedy and successful reorganisation

For years, a company in Gouda had been having negative results. To survive, something would have to be done. A reorganisation proved unavoidable.

Our assignment

Hoens & Souren were engaged to oversee the reorganisation, to evaluate the employer’s plan, and to ensure that the reorganisation would be successful.

Our approach

It took a lot of creativity to find the legal route by which the reduction in staffing could be made possible.

From start to finish, the reorganisation took but a month. When push came to shove, we pulled out all the stops and within a few days had filed the application for the dismissal permits for nine employees with the Employee Insurance Agency.

In the meantime, we prepared the termination agreements and with the finance officer, handed these personally to the employees.

The result

Following firm negotiations, all of the employees soon consented with the terms of the termination agreement. Our client was able to concentrate on his business again.

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