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Disputes and liability

How can we help you?

Every day, the lawyers at Hoens & Souren are working on issues such as:

  • Arguments between shareholders
  • Standing up for minority shareholders in need
  • Conflicts regarding acquisitions
  • Liability, dismissal and suspension of directors
  • Conflicts with ‘special credits’ departments of banks

We do this as commissioned by shareholders, directors, supervisory directors, and works councils.

For example, conflicts between shareholders often get out of hand. We have experience with specific procedures such as:

  • Dispute settlement rules
  • Inquiry proceedings (including immediate relief)
  • Seizure of evidence

Most cases can be resolved out of court.

Examples of what we have achieved for our clients

Why Hoens & Souren?

Our lawyers act on the basis of the following core values: added value and craftsmanship. The client's interest is always our primary objective. Simply working on a case is not enough: our commitment must always result in a positive outcome for the client. Our lawyers are trained not only as specialised legal experts in the area of company law, but also in practical skills such as negotiation, understanding annual accounts and administration, and – of course – litigation. We prefer short lines, fast, effective communication, and proper accessibility.

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